Services & Rates


561.301.6411 (Cell Phone)

Dog Walking

10min walk total visit:

$15 per visit

15 minute walk 20-25 minute total visit

$18 per visit

25 minute walk 30-35 minute total visit:

$25 per visit

There will be an additional $2 per visit for any walks scheduled with less than 24 hour notice.

Pet Sitting

Up to a  20-25 minute visit includes walk and feeding etc 20-25 minute total visit: $18

Up to a 10-15 minute visit: $15 (no dogs, cats and small animals included for this price)

Please read below what the visit entails

NO additional charges for

multiple Pet households

There will be an additional add on of $2 per visit for any visits scheduled with less than 24 hour notice

Pet Sitting Includes:

Complimentary meet & greet

Feeding, Fresh Water

15 minute walk for the dogs

20 to 25 minute total visit


Administration of medicine

Litter box maintenance

Watering indoor plants

Bringing in newspapers/mail

Turning on TV/radio

Alternating lights

Opening/closing blinds

Trash & recycling in/out

Lots of Hugs & Kisses