Services & Rates


561.301.6411 (Cell Phone)

Dog Walking

15 min walk total visit:

$15 per visit

15 minute walk 20-25 minute total visit

$18 per visit

25 minute walk 30-35 minute total visit:

$25 per visit

Pet Sitting

Up to a  20-25 minute visit includes walk and feeding etc 20-25 minute total visit: $18

Up to a 10-15 minute visit: $15 ( dogs, cats and small animals included for this price)

Please read below what the visit entails

NO additional charges for

multiple Pet households

Discounts can be given for muitple day bookings

Pet Sitting Includes:

Complimentary meet & greet

Feeding, Fresh Water

15 minute walk for the dogs

20 to 25 minute total visit


Administration of medicine

Litter box maintenance

Watering indoor plants

Bringing in newspapers/mail

Turning on TV/radio

Alternating lights

Opening/closing blinds

Trash & recycling in/out

Lots of Hugs & Kisses